The Smithshyre Farm
Introducing The Smithshyre Farm.  In the center of the Key Peninsula where the sea mist meets the forest crown you will find us growing actual Organic Vegetables.  We specialize in Organic Heirloom Vegetables and Organic Free Range Farm Fresh eggs.  We are not "certified organic" but we are actually organic

We are new to farm work but enjoy the connection to Mother Earth it provides.  We hope to market our produce locally because we believe in community.  It is our hope this venture will enhance our lives and provide our bodies the pure nutrition they need.
Nature's Organically Grown Produce
The best way to get our Fresh Organic Range Free eggs and our fresh organically grown produce is to join the Fresh Food Revolution of the Key Peninsula. Click on the link below to find out about joining this great local coop.  Our products are not "Certified Organic" but they are actually organic.

"Fresh Food Revolution Co-op"